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Pineapple Homes is your trusted partner in selling your home in Honolulu. Led by the experienced Charelle Zimnicki, our team is committed to providing great services to help you get the best value for your property.

Why Sell Your Home With Charelle Zimnicki and Pineapple Homes?

Expertise in the Honolulu Market

With a deep understanding of the Honolulu real estate market, Charelle Zimnicki leverages her extensive knowledge to help you position your home effectively. We stay updated with market trends and buyer preferences to maximize your home's appeal and value.

Customized Selling Strategy

At Pineapple Homes, we know that every home has its own story. Charelle works closely with you to create a personalized marketing plan that highlights your home's unique features and targets the right buyers.

Dedicated Support

Selling a home can be daunting, but with Charelle Zimnicki by your side, you’ll have a reliable advisor to guide you through every step. From initial consultation to closing, we provide consistent support and expert advice to make the process as smooth as possible.

Comprehensive Marketing

Our marketing strategy includes professional photography, virtual tours, targeted online advertising, and more. We ensure your home gets the visibility it deserves, reaching a broad audience of potential buyers.

How to Sell Your Home in Honolulu, Hawaii

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    Charelle Zimnicki: Hawai’s Premier Real Estate Agent

    About Me

    Charelle Zimnicki is the founder and owner of Pineapple Homes, a leading real estate agency in Honolulu, Hawaii. With years of experience in the Hawaiian real estate market, Charelle has established herself as a trusted expert, dedicated to helping clients find their dream homes. Her commitment to exceptional service and deep understanding of the local market have earned her a great reputation among buyers and sellers.