Hawaii Ocean View Homes

Hawaii Ocean View Homes – where one experience a truly tropical island life

A lot of buyers looking to buy Hawaii properties would often want to consider having an ocean view from their homes. Hawaii ocean view homes do not just offer a panoramic and breathtaking view, but also brings a handful of benefits to ones overall well being. The Big Island in particular does not come short with beautiful Hawaii ocean view homes or land where you get to build your own home and have it designed at your preference. One flip side though Hawaii Ocean View Homes often comes at a premium, most especially true for properties within close proximity to the ocean.

Featured Hawaii Ocean View Homes

This 23.93 acre of land is probably one of the best parcel of land that you can get in Hamakua Coast, where you can build your very own Hawaii ocean view home.

Hawaii Ocean View Homes

It offers a breath taking view of the Pacific Ocean and Hilo Bay and is located in the desirable lava Zone 8. It also has a deep rich, fertile soil making it ideal for a natural farm where one can have some livestock, grow fruit trees and vegetables to enjoy.

It is also highly accessible as it will only take about 20 minutes to get to the airport and it is very close to downtown Hilo as well as some surfing and fishing areas.

Hawaii Ocean View Homes available in the market

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