5 Paint Mistakes That Can Make Your Walls Look Ugly

It’s important when deciding to freshen up your walls and take on the task of painting yourself, that you do it right. You don’t want to create an even worse scenario than when you first started.

Avoid these mistakes, and your walls will be able to outlast all the daily scuffs, fingerprints and everyday dirt and dust.

  1. Your paint is too light. Painting walls white or something very light, will always show all those fingerprints and dirt in high traffic areas. Go for warmer tones for areas like playrooms and entry ways.
  2. You bought the cheapest paint. You get what you pay for when it comes to the price of paint. If you are painting a room where you need the paint to hide scuffs, last a long time and show high quality, then you need to opt for the premium can of paint for that room.
  3. You chose a finish that is hard to clean. When it comes to paint finishes, higher sheens offer more protection against your cleaning products and are easier to wipe off scuffs. However, because they are shinier and reflect light, they can show cracks and imperfections in your wall. So choose a sheen according to which is more important to hide.
  4. You didn’t prep your walls before you started painting. It is so important to start with a clean slate. Wipe down your walls from all dust and scuffs. Then apply a primer if you are covering water stains or covering up another color, especially dark colors.
  5. You used the wrong paint brush. Pay close attention to the brush or roller recommended for the paint you’re using. In general, smooth surfaces require rollers with a thin nap, while rougher textures, such as brick walls, call for thickly woven rollers.
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Avoid these paint mishaps and you will have made a great investment into your home update.

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