4 Tips To Prep Your Home For Virtual Tours

Inlight of the Pandemic, the new trend of virtual home tours doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It is a great opportunity for home buyers to start their home search on line in a new way, and it is important to use your home tour to make a great first impression !

Here are 4 tips to prep your home for a picture-perfect tour.

Simplify your space.
Declutter and store away all personal related items. Clear off your counter tops and remove any extra furniture. Create an open space so buyers can envision their own items and family in your home.

Clean up the kitchen.
Kitchens are big selling points for buyers. You want your kitchen to look sparkling clean and at its best. Buyers are already thinking about germs in this pandemic, so put away the dish soap and sponges and fix any obvious blemishes.

Let in the light.
Open all the windows and turn on the lamps, especially in those dark corners of the house. You want your home to look bright and inviting. Replace any burnt out bulbs in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Throw in some plants.
Whether real or fake, plants have a way of making a home feel homier and add a touch of beauty. They also add a touch of color and plants are known to be stress revleivers. Something buyers will definitely be attracted to while buying a home in a pandemic.

These simple suggestions will ensure your home is shown in its best light during both virtual and in-person viewings.

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