The true cost of selling a home

If you’re reading this right now, it might be because you’re contemplating on selling your house. Before you decide to put your house up for sale in the market it will be wise for you to know exactly how much it will cost you. Before you decide to put your house up for sale in the market it will be wise for you to know exactly how much it will cost you. Click To TweetYou might want to spruce things up around your house before hitting the market. Whether you’ll have it repainted, or replace some roof membranes there will be some bills that need to be paid as well as taxes. Let’s discuss a bit at the true costs you’ll incur when you sell your house.

Getting your house ready to sell
Before your house hit the market it will basically need some repairs and maintenance unless it is relatively new. Depending on the condition of your house and its age, you need to consider investing in a full home inspection by a professional inspector, their service will come very handy, especially if there might be areas of the house that might need immediate attention.

Closing costs
The process of selling a property has corresponding fees associated with it, from lawyers’ fees to excise taxes and other services that add up to the total cost. You might also want to invest in your open houses to make it more welcoming to prospective buyers. Additionally, you might also need to close your mortgage. Be sure to take these into consideration as you allocate budget for the sale of your house.

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Moving out
Don’t forget to consider the costs you’ll have when you finally need to move to your new home. A lot of families fail to consider this which can be a quite significant cost if you’ll move out of a big home with lots of furniture.

Agent fees
To ensure that you’ll be getting the best value for your house you will need the assistance of a professional real estate agent and they are compensated as well. Once your house is sold a percentage of the sale price will cover for the agent’s fees known as a commission. In some cases, the seller of the house might also have to pay for the buyer’s real estate agent.

As you might have realized now, selling a house is also a major financial transaction that you’ll be dealing with and it helps to have an experience professional to assist you. When you’ve already decided to sell your house, do give us a call. Our experienced real estate professionals can advise you of the current conditions in your local market and ensure you get the maximum value for the sale of your house.

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