Happy National Gingerbread House Day!

Happy National Gingerbread House Day! Click To Tweet

Are you planning to make some wonderful gingerbread houses for the upcoming holiday season?

I just love the aroma of gingerbread filling up my home, it sets the ambiance and truly gives that holiday season feel, don’t you think?

If you’re planning to create a gingerbread masterpiece together with your family in this Yuletide season, here are some handy guides to take your gingerbread house to the next level! Click To Tweet

1. If you’re making your own dough, use a ruler and a pizza cutter to ensure that you have a perfectly straight shape and that they will all fit together.

2. After baking the edges of your cookies may tend to expand, sand the edges using a fine grater to make it even.

3. Place a piece of paper to the backside of the roof held with frosting and connecting both cookies. Prop the roof in place and let it sit and dry.

4. To give extra support, add frosting inside of the house.

5. Use royal icing to make the house hold together, it is a mixture of sugar, egg whites, and cream of tartar.

6. Pick a gingerbread house style and theme that you like, it can be fancy or a farmhouse theme, let your creativity guide you.

7. Choose the candies you would like to use and start decorating. Most of all have loads of fun together with your family and friends.

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